Животът на Жоро (2023)

The adventures and misadventures of Zhoro the pisser - a favourite character in one of the most loved Bulgarian series on bTV "Sunny Beach", are the basis of the Bulgarian comedy series "The Life of Zhoro". "The Life of Joro" reveals the daily life struggle of one of the favourite characters in the TV series "Sunny Beach" - the pimp Joro (Daniel Peev - Dundee). He is the man with the purest heart to ever set foot in the most luxurious resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Zhoro is first-rate, natural and sincere, and not at all embarrassed to talk about his excess weight. He also likes to joke about the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend, but he never fails to convince his loved ones that he is happy with what he has and doesn't need anything more.


Животът на Жоро: 1 Season

Actors in Животът на Жоро