Beauty at War (2013)

In order to air her grievances towards her elder sister Lady Yue-Yuet, Lady Shun Yuen-Sau spreads rumours of Yue-Yuet in the palace. The ambitious nursing mother Seung-Ling tries to collect evidence against the rumours in exchange for money from others. She soon becomes a trusted follower and a close friend of Lady Yue-Yuet. Meanwhile, the arrival of famous actors Ko Lau-Fei and Wan Tsau-Yin captures the heart of every woman in the palace including the lonely Yuen-Sau, and unintentionally fuels the power struggle between the three ladies in the palace.


Beauty at War: Season 1 - 30 Episode s

Beauty at War: 1 Season

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War and Beauty II (US)金枝慾孽貳 (HK)

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