Bleach (2004)

Ichigo Kurosaki's unique ability to communicate with apparitions has been a part of him since childhood. His world takes a turn when he crosses paths with Rukia, a Soul Reaper fighting malevolent entities called Hollows. This encounter transforms his life and bestows him with a surge of spiritual energy, unveiling his real mission: safeguarding both the living and the departed from the clutches of evil.


Bleach: Season 1 - 100 Episode s

Bleach: 3 Season s

Other names for Bleach

Белина (BG)Блиич (BG)Блийч (BG)死神-BLEACH (CN)BLEACH 千年血戦編 (CN)死神 千年血战篇 (CN)BLEACH 千年血战篇 (CN)BLEACH 死神 千年血战篇 (CN)死神千年血战诀别谭 (CN)Bleach : Thousand-Year Blood War (FR)漂灵 (HK)`בליץ (IL)בליץ’: מלחמת הדם בת אלף השנים (IL)Burīchi (JP)BLEACH 千年血戦篇 (JP)Burīchi: Sennen Kessen-hen (JP)ブリーチ (JP)Izbeljivač (RS)บลีช (TH)เทพมรณะออนไลน์ (TH)BLEACH 死神 (TW)Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (US)BLEACH 死神 千年血戰篇-訣別譚- (TW)BLEACH 死神 千年血戰篇 (TW)Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen (US)Bleach - Sennen Kessen-hen (US)Bleach - Sennen Kessen hen (US)

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