Crazy Handsome Rich (2023)

Thad's wealthy family has hired a new butler, Luv. Ever since Luv entered the house, Thad hasn't been able to keep his eyes off the new hire, and has been offering him plenty of attention all the time. Is it a coincidence or fate that the necklaces the two of them wear are similar; was it their destiny to meet?


Crazy Handsome Rich: 1 Season

Other names for Crazy Handsome Rich

心锁疯爱 (CN)疯富帅老公 (CN)疯狂英俊的富人 (CN)看房管家 (CN)看房的男人 (CN)疯富帅男 (CN)管家看房 (CN)家中男士 (CN)纯情少爷俏管家 (CN)Ban Chai Mong (TH)သူဌေးလေးတို့ ချစ်စံအိမ် (MM)CRAZY HANDSOME RICH (သူဌေးလေးတို့ ချစ်စံအိမ်) - 2023 (MM)

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