Daddy Long Legs (1990)

Judy Abbott is an orphan living in New York, who at the age of 17 finds herself in receipt of a college scholarship and monthly allowance from a mysterious benefactor. Her benefactor believes she has great potential as a writer and wishes to see her succeed. The only payment he asks in return is that she write him a letter every month addressed to the pseudonym "Mr. John Smith", with the understanding that he will never reply.


Daddy Long Legs: Season 1 - 40 Episode s

Daddy Long Legs: 1 Season

Other names for Daddy Long Legs

Daddy-Long-Legs (US)Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan (JP)Papai das Pernas Altas (BR)Papai das Longas Pernas (BR)Papai Pernalonga (BR)صاحب الظل الطويل (SA)

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