Defending Jacob (2020)

Family is unconditional.

Experience the heart-wrenching journey of a family whose world is shattered when their 14-year-old child is implicated in the death of a schoolmate in the gripping TV show, Defending Jacob (2020). This compelling series explores the profound impact on a family grappling with the unthinkable - their son, implicated in a murder mystery. Delve into the unsettling disruptions and emotional whirlwinds in a family's life when their teenage son stands accused of a horrifying crime.

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Defending Jacob: 1 Season

Other names for Defending Jacob

捍卫雅各布 (CN)Defending Jacob (AR)L'affaire Jacob Barber (FR)디펜딩 제이콥 (KR)Defending Jacob (MX)Да защитиш Яков (BG)

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