Family Guy (1999)

Parental Discretion Advised, that's how you know it's good.

Discover the hilariously twisted and delightfully outrageous animated series, Family Guy (1999). Dive into the chaotic world of the Griffin family, consisting of the clumsy yet well-meaning patriarch Peter, his patient wife Lois, and their three unique children. Meet Stewie, the genius yet diabolical infant with plans of world domination and matricide, Meg, the eldest child who struggles with social acceptance, and Chris, the loveable middle child with an affinity for films. Adding to the family dynamic is Brian, their articulate canine companion who enjoys a good Martini while providing a balancing influence on Stewie, all while grappling with his own existential dilemmas.

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Family Guy: Season 1 - 7 Episode s

Other names for Family Guy

The Griffins (US)Ґріффіни (UA)Сім’янин (UA)I Griffin (IT)خانواده‌ دوست (IR)مرد خانه (IR)Griffinlar (UZ)परिवारको केटा (NP)

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