Golden Boy (1995)

He's got a lust for life... and anything female!

Kintaro Oe is a 25-year-old boy who left Tokyo University and now lives a simple life, traveling by bicycle to learn everything he can about the world.


Golden Boy: Season 1 - 6 Episode s

Golden Boy: 1 Season

Other names for Golden Boy

Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt (US)Golden Boy: Bound for Glory (US)Golden Boy (US)Golden Boy – Sasurai no O-Benkyō Yarō (JP)GOLDEN BOY Sasurai no Obenkyou Yarou (JP)GOLDEN BOY-ゴールデンボーイ- さすらいのお勉強野郎 (JP)ゴールデンボーイ (JP)Golden Boy (JP)Golden Boy (ES)골든보이 (KR)골든 보이 (KR)

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