Hawkeye (2021)

This holiday season, the best gifts come with a bow.

Ex-Avenger Clint Barton embarks on a seemingly straightforward quest: returning to his family in time for the holiday season. Could it be achievable? Perhaps, with the assistance of Kate Bishop, a young 22-year-old archer aspiring to be a superhero. Their paths intertwine as a ghost from Barton's history emerges, threatening to disrupt more than just the holiday cheer.

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Hawkeye: 1 Season

Other names for Hawkeye

Marvel's Hawkeye (US)Anchor Point (US)Marvel Studios' Hawkeye (US)鹰眼 (CN)הוקאיי (IL)Соколине око (UA)Hawkeye - Gavião Arqueiro (PT)Thần Tiễn (VN)شاهین‌چشم (IR)

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