HeartCatch PreCure! (2010)

Tsubomi Hanasaki is a girl in the second grade of middle school who likes flowers and plants. One day she experiences a weird dream. In that dream, a large blooming tree appears. Suddenly it is losing all of its flowers and a fairy appears. A few days later after Tsubomi has transferred to Meidou Gakuen, suddenly the fairy from the dream appears before her and pleads to Tsubomi to become the legendary warrior Precure and protect the Heart Tree. However, Tsubomi declines as she doesn't think that she would be able to do that. However, a mysterious enemy suddenly strikes and steals the heartflower of Erika Kurumi, Tsubomi's new classmate. Now she doesn't have a choice. To retrieve Erika's heartflower she has to transform into Precure and fight. Working up the courage Tsubomi turns into Cure Blossom and a new chapter of Pretty Cure begins!

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HeartCatch PreCure!: Season 1 - 49 Episode s

HeartCatch PreCure!: 1 Season

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HeartCatch Pretty Cure! (US)光之美少女:甜蜜天使 (HK)Heartcatch Pretty Cure (IT)하트 캐치 프리큐어! (KR)ฮาร์ตแคชพรีเคียว! (TH)光之美少女甜蜜天使! (TW)Магично срце (RS)Luftëtaret e bukura zemërmbërthyese (AL)Pretty Cure Heartcatch (CH)

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