House of Cards (2013)

There are two kinds of pain.

House of Cards, set in contemporary Washington, D.C., is a riveting tale of Frank Underwood, a shrewd, relentless politician, and his equally ambitious wife Claire. This intense political thriller delves deep into the murky world of avarice, lust, and corruption that defines modern D.C. politics. The show's relentless pursuit of power and dominance is a must-watch for any aficionado of gripping political narratives.

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House of Cards: Season 1 - 13 Episode s

Other names for House of Cards

House of Cards (US) (US)House of Cards (2013) (US)House of Cards (US)纸牌屋 (CN)House of Cards (GB)Dom z kariet (SK)Domek z karet (CZ)خانه پوشالی (IR)

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