How We Invented The World (2012)

How We Invented the World is the ultimate action-packed, hi-energy, landmark series that examines the four inventions that define the modern world - mobiles, cars, planes and skyscrapers -celebrating the people and connections that made them possible. Each playing a crucial role in where we are now in the 21st Century - able to travel the globe, to talk to one another at any time at the push of a button, to live in huge cities, to commute, to capture the world we live in, making the fantasies we create come to life. This four part series lifts the lid on how these iconic inventions came to be. Showcasing the people who have shaped our lives in ways that they could have never imagined or anticipated, this series reveals stories of human ingenuity, extraordinary connections, unprecedented experimentation and jaw dropping accidents that created the world as we know it.


How We Invented The World: 1 Season

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