Legal Eagles (2017)

Tang Mei Qi (Felicia Chin) decides to divorce her philandering husband Jian Jun Hao (Steve Yap). Jun Hao uses his affluence and under-handed methods to gain custody of their daughter. To safeguard themselves, everyone turns against Mei Qi, all except for her former schoolmate Lian An Sheng (Zhen Huan Zhang). An Sheng wins the custody case for her, spurring Mei Qi to resume her interest to read law. After overcoming many obstacles, she finally passes her bar exam. She eventually falls in love with An Sheng who stands by her during her most difficult times. Just as everything is going well, An Sheng is charged with murder. Mei Qi decides to fight for An Sheng. Although she believes in An Sheng but all the evidences are stacked against him. How will Mei Qi defend him? Or will she accept the fact that he is indeed a murderer?


Legal Eagles: 1 Season

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