Mischievous Kiss (2010)

Playful Kiss

A clumsy high-school girl - Oh Ha-ni - is at the bottom of her class, and she has had a crush on a popular genius, Baek Seung-Jo, ever since she first laid eyes on him.


Mischievous Kiss: Season 1 - 16 Episode s

Mischievous Kiss: 2 Season s

Other names for Mischievous Kiss

Playful Kiss (US)Playful Kiss YouTube Special Edition (US)Naughty Kiss (US)נשיקה שובבה (IL)イタズラなKiss~Playful Kiss~ (JP)イタズラなKiss~Playful Kiss (JP)Jangnanseureon Kiseu (KR)Jangnanseureon Kiss (KR)Озорной поцелуй (RU)

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