Money Heist (2017)

The perfect robbery.

In an unprecedented and masterful heist, a enigmatic individual known as The Professor assembles a team of eight outlaws, each possessing a unique trait: they all have nothing to lose. Their meticulous five-month preparation, memorising every move, every intricacy, every chance, peaks with an eleven-day confinement in Spain's National Mint and Stamp Factory. Trapped inside with numerous hostages and encircled by law enforcement, they gamble with their lives to determine if their daring risk will result in triumph or disaster.

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Money Heist: Season 1 - 15 Episode s

Other names for Money Heist

Haus des Geldes (AT)Хартиената къща (BG)La Casa de Papel (BR)La Maison de Papier (CA)Haus des Geldes (CH)纸钞屋 (CN)Haus des Geldes (DE)Papirhuset (DK)La Casa de Papel (FR)سرقت پول (IR)Papirhuset (NO)A Casa de Papel (PT)Kuca od papira (RS)Money Heist (SE)Darphane Soygunu (TR)Money Heist (US)La Casa De Papel (SE)La Casa De Papel (SV)La Casa De Papel (US)Η τέλεια ληστεία (GR)

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