Noragami (2014)

In the gripping TV show Noragami (2014), Hiyori Iki transitions from a regular middle school student to a person existing in two parallel worlds, following an accident while saving a stranger. This incident triggers her soul to regularly exit her body, leading her to encounter Yato, a shrine-less god with an anonymous existence. Yato, eager to establish his reputation, takes on any tasks for 5 yen, which includes assisting Hiyori in restoring her body. The show explores themes of existence, spirituality, and the struggle for recognition in a world filled with unseen beings.

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Noragami: Season 1 - 12 Episode s

Noragami: 3 Season s

Other names for Noragami

Stray God (US)Noragami Aragoto OVA (US)野良神 (CN)Noragami (JP)Noragami Aragoto (JP)ノラガミ ARAGOTO (JP)Безхатній Бог — Нораґамі: Араґото (UA)Нораґамі (UA)Нораґамі Араґото (UA)Noragami (BR)Noragami; El dios callejero (ES)Noragami (IT)Бездомный бог (RU)Noragami (DE)Noragami Aragoto (CL)Noragami (CL)Noragami (CZ)

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