Pending Train (2023)

Riders on a commuter train get an earthquake warning on their cellphones. Cars lurch as electric sparks fly, people are thrown about and the lights go out. Train 5 passengers awake to find that they are no longer in a tunnel, and overgrown brush can be seen through the windows. People slide open the doors and find that the train tracks end suddenly ahead and behind the car. People's reactions to losing the modern world vary from confusion to alarm to indifference. Where or when are they? Can they survive in this wilderness?


Pending Train: 1 Season

Other names for Pending Train

Pending Train 8 23 Ashita Kimi To (US)Pending Train - 8点23分,明天和你 (CN)ペンディングトレイン―8時23分、明日 君と:2023 (JP)Pending Train: 8:23, Ashita Kimi To (KR)قطار في الانتظار (SA)

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