Power Rangers (1993)

A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch, Rita Repulsa, and later, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he sees, and their horde of monsters.


Power Rangers: Season 1 - 60 Episode s

Other names for Power Rangers

Power Rangers Super Megaforce (US)Power Rangers Megaforce (US)Power Rangers Super Samurai (US)Power Rangers Samurai (US)Power Rangers RPM (US)Power Rangers Jungle Fury (US)Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (US)Power Rangers Mystic Force (US)Power Rangers S.P.D. (US)Power Rangers Dino Thunder (US)Power Rangers Ninja Storm (US)Power Rangers Wild Force (US)Power Rangers Time Force (US)Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (US)Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (US)Power Rangers In Space (US)Power Rangers Turbo (US)Power Rangers Zeo (US)Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (US)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (US)Power Rangers Cosmic Fury (US)Power Rangers Dino Fury (US)Power Rangers Beast Morphers (US)Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel (US)Power Rangers Ninja Steel (US)Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (US)Power Rangers Dino Charge (US)Power Rangers: Dino Fúria (Parte 2) (BR)Power Rangers: Morfagem Feroz (Parte 2) (BR)Power Rangers: Fúria Cósmica (BR)Power Rangers: Dino Fúria (Parte 1) (BR)Power Rangers: Morfagem Feroz (Parte 1) (BR)Power Rangers: Super Aço Ninja (BR)Power Rangers: Aço Ninja (BR)Power Rangers: Dino Supercharge (BR)Power Rangers: Dino Charge (BR)Power Rangers: Super Megaforce (BR)Power Rangers: Megaforce (BR)Power Rangers: Super Samurai (BR)Power Rangers: Samurai (BR)Power Rangers: RPM (BR)Power Rangers: Fúria da Selva (BR)Power Rangers: Operação Ultraveloz (BR)Power Rangers: Força Mística (BR)Mighty Morphin Power (Parte 3) (BR)Mighty Morphin Power (Parte 2) (BR)Power Rangers: SPD (BR)Power Rangers: Dino Trovão (BR)Power Rangers: Tempestade Ninja (BR)Power Rangers: Força Animal (BR)Power Rangers: Força do Tempo (BR)Power Rangers: O Resgate (BR)Power Rangers: Galáxia Perdida (BR)Power Rangers: No Espaço (BR)Power Rangers: Zeo (BR)Mighty Morphin Power (Parte 1) (BR)Power Rangers: Turbo (BR)Πάουερ Ρειντζερς (GR)파워레인저 와일드포스 (KR)파워레인저 (KR)파워 레인저 (KR)

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