Raven (2018)

Adam Kruk, a 40 year old police officer addicted to painkillers and psychotropic drugs, returns to the town he grew up in to find the paedophile who abused his friend Slawek years ago. Once there, he is unexpectedly called to investigate a new case: the kidnapping of a powerful man's grandson, which he undertakes to help set him free from his past mistakes. As he was unable to protect Slawek, he sees this case as a second chance to protect a child and an opportunity for justice. Adam must control the darkest corners of his mind to solve the kidnapping and as the case unfolds, he discovers answers which will reveal an unexpected link between these two cases.

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Raven: 3 Season s

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Other names for Raven

Kruk. Jak tu ciemno (PL)Kruk. Czorny woron nie śpi (PL)Kruk. Szepty słychać po zmroku (PL)

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