Scandal (2012)

Dirty little secrets always come out.

In the thrilling TV show, Scandal (2012), Olivia Pope fearlessly safeguards the reputations of society's crème de la crème, ensuring their darkest secrets remain hidden. With Pope and her crew leading the pack in crisis management, they excel in resolving issues for their clientele but struggle when it comes to mending their personal lives. This captivating series delves into the intricate world of these "gladiators in suits," weaving a tale of power, secrets, and the constant battle to keep their own lives from unraveling.

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Scandal: Season 1 - 7 Episode s

Other names for Scandal

Scandal (US) (US)Escândalos: Os Bastidores do Poder (BR)스캔들 (KR)Skandalas (LT)The Fixer (ZA)სკანდალი (GE)

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