Squid Game (2021)

45.6 billion won is child's play.

In Squid Game (2021), numerous financially distressed contestants seize an unusual opportunity to participate in a competition based on children's games. Within this intriguing contest lies a captivating reward, shrouded in lethal consequences. This gripping drama series enthralls viewers with its high-risk challenges and life-altering prizes.

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Squid Game: Season 1 - 9 Episode s

Squid Game: 2 Season s

Other names for Squid Game

Squid Game (US)Round Six (US)鱿鱼游戏 (CN)אתגר הדיונון (IL)משחקי הדיונון (IL)イカゲーム (JP)Гра у кальмара (UA)Round 6 (Squid Game) (BR)El juego del calamar (ES)विद्रूप खेल (IN)Ojingeo Game (KR)Ojingeo Geim (KR)Kalamar Oyunu (TR)

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