Switched at Birth (2011)

One mistake changed two families forever.

Discover the intriguing tale of two teenage girls, Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez, who learn they were mistakenly switched at birth. Raised in contrasting environments, Bay experienced life in a prosperous household with two parents and a sibling, while Daphne, who became deaf due to meningitis at a young age, was brought up by a single mother in a blue-collar neighborhood. A riveting drama unfolds as the families grapple with the shocking revelation and strive to coexist for the welfare of these young girls in the TV series, "Switched at Birth" (2011).

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Switched at Birth: Season 1 - 30 Episode s

Other names for Switched at Birth

交换命运 (CN)Αλλαγή κατά τη γέννηση (GR)

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