The Last Kingdom (2015)

England is born

Experience the thrilling saga of courage, loyalty, and identity in "The Last Kingdom" (2015), an enthralling TV series that seamlessly blends historical facts with fiction. Witness epic battles, heroic acts, and intricate political and religious narratives, all under the reign of one of history's most iconic kings. This riveting tale not only explores the collective strength of a people reclaiming their homeland but also the construction of a sanctuary they proudly call home. Immerse yourself in this rich tapestry of history, warfare, and love, where real-life figures meet fictional characters in a quest for identity.

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Other names for The Last Kingdom

ラスト・キングダム (JP)Останнє Королівство (UA)O Último Reino (BR)Το Τελευταίο Βασίλειο (GR)Upadek królestwa (PL)Последнее королевство (RU)المملكة الأخيرة (SA)Son Krallık (TR)最後的王國 (TW)Последното кралство (BG)Posljednje kraljevstvo (HR)Az utolsó királyság (HU)Det siste kongeriket (NO)Poslednje kraljevstvo (RS)Paskutinioji karalystė (LT)Posledné kráľovstvo (SK)آخرین پادشاهی (IR)

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