The Night Manager (2016)

Ex-British serviceman, Jonathan Pine, traverses through the murky corridors of Whitehall and Washington, where the covert world of intelligence merges with the clandestine arms trade. Tasked with penetrating the closely-guarded network of notorious arms merchant, Richard Onslow Roper, Pine is compelled to embrace a life of crime. This thrilling narrative of espionage and crime in The Night Manager (2016) explores the unholy nexus between power, politics, and the illegal arms business.

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The Night Manager: 2 Season s

Other names for The Night Manager

מנהל הלילה (IL)Нічний менеджер (UA)O Gerente Noturno (BR)Le directeur de nuit (CA)El infiltrado (ES)O Gerente Noturno (PT)Нощният управител (BG)

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