The Originals (2013)

Revamping the popular Vampire Diaries series, The Originals (2013) shifts the stage to New Orleans, focusing on the intriguing Mikaelson siblings, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah, famed as the first vampires in existence. Klaus, the former ruler of New Orleans, is forced into a power struggle with his former apprentice, Marcel, who now governs the city Klaus once built. Klaus, having fled from his father Mikael during the city's construction, returns after years, his ambition driving him to reclaim his throne. "Every King needs an heir," Klaus asserts, embracing his upcoming progeny. This unique offspring, the first-ever born to a hybrid and a werewolf, adds a new layer to the gripping narrative.

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The Originals: Season 1 - 22 Episode s

Other names for The Originals

初代吸血鬼 (CN)Прадавні (UA)Os Originais (BR)Первородные (RU)Първородните (BG)

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