The Witcher (2019)

Destiny is a beast.

In the tumultuous realm of The Witcher (2019), Geralt of Rivia, a skilled mercenary with supernatural abilities, embarks on a perilous journey towards his fate. This unique monster-slayer-for-hire navigates a world where, unexpectedly, humans can be more malevolent than the creatures he hunts. This gripping series explores the blurred lines between good and evil, and the complexities of destiny.


The Witcher: Season 1 - 8 Episode s

The Witcher: 3 Season s

Other names for The Witcher

巫师 (CN)Ο Γητευτής (GR)Wiedźmin (PL)Ведьмак (RU)เดอะ วิทเชอร์ นักล่าจอมอสูร (TH)Thợ Săn Quái Vật (VN)Vaják (HU)Zaklínač (SK)Zaklínač (CZ)

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