Through the Homeland of Ice and Storms (1990)

2400 Kilometers of Antarctica with Reinhold Messner and Arved Fuchs

In 1989, the German polar explorer Arved Fuchs and the South Tyrolean mountaineer Reinhold Messner set out together to reach the South Pole on skis without sled dogs or motor technology and then cross the entire Antarctic. There are problems right from the start because the onward transport to the starting point by plane cannot be carried out on time. Finally, the adventurers set off from Patriot Hills Base Camp on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf to the Pole. The completely different character traits of the two men quickly emerge. Messner is impetuous and pushes for speed. The calm Fuchs divides his strength and consistently follows his pace during all planned breaks. On New Year's Eve 1989, the two men are warmly welcomed by the crew of the US Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. But the much larger and more dangerous part of their adventurous continental crossing still lies ahead of them. The 3-part documentary shows one of the last great adventures of modern times in impressive pictures.

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Through the Homeland of Ice and Storms: Season 1 - 3 Episode s

Through the Homeland of Ice and Storms: 1 Season

Other names for Through the Homeland of Ice and Storms

Durch die Heimat des Eises und der Stürme – Mit Reinhold Messner und Arved Fuchs in der Antarktis (DE)