To Ship Someone (2023)

Ji Shu is a young writer of popular novels. His books are a hit among their many fans, but Ji Shu is blighted by emotional apathy and pessimism writer. His novels ultimately reflect this bleak outlook and almost universally end in tragedy. In many ways, he is the quintessential BE (bad ending) writer. By contrast, Song Yan Qi is an optimistic film and drama series planner. She loves happy ending (HE) stories. Song Yan Qi would like to adapt a Ji Shu novel for the screen but would ideally like to ensure the story ends happily – something Ji Shu cannot accept. But the duo’s lives are thrown into chaos when they are sucked into the world of the novel. As they begin to “live” the lives of Ji Shu’s characters, they begin to “rewrite” the story – and become drawn to one another. But will their own love stories end in joy – or sadness?


To Ship Someone: 1 Season

Other names for To Ship Someone

The Whole World is Waiting for You to Break Up (US)Quan Shi Jie Dou Zai Deng Ni Men Fen Shou (CN)全世界都在等你們分手 (CN)全世界都在等你們分手 (TW)

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