Trick or Love (2023)

Liang Jing Cen’s family happily looked forward to the re-opening of "Mélanger Bakery". Unexpectedly, the landlord suddenly informed them that the store had been sold. The Liang family planned to buy the bakery, but the new owner raised the price to make things difficult. When Jing Cen fell into despair, Guan Heng Wei suddenly appeared, willing to help her with the rest of the funds. The only condition was that she pretends to be a man and become his fake boyfriend in order to avoid his grandma's forced marriage. In order to buy back the bakery, Jing Cen signed this strange contract, but she did not expect that all of this was carefully arranged by Guan Heng Wei...


Trick or Love: 1 Season

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Ghost CEO (GB)Trick or Love (GB)鬼之执行长 (TW)

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