Uninhabited Planet Survive! (2003)

It is the 22nd century where anti-gravity and warp travel are commonplace. However, the green Earth only exists in history book, people live in space colonies instead. Luna is a transfer student whose parents passed away when she was young, leaving her alone with her robotic cat Chako. Her dream is to become space exploration expert like her parents. A mistake during a school trip strands her and six of her classmates on a seemingly uninhabited planet. Here she must lead the introvert Shaara, the mechanic expert Shingo, the quiet Kaoru, the spoiled Howard, the obedient Bell, and the prideful Menori in s battle for their survival.


Uninhabited Planet Survive!: Season 1 - 52 Episode s

Uninhabited Planet Survive!: 1 Season

Other names for Uninhabited Planet Survive!

Planet Survive (US)Planet Survival (US)Mujin Wakusei Survive (JP)Вижити на безлюдній планеті (UA)Sobreviviendo en un Planeta Desconocido (ES)Planeta Survival (ES)星球流浪记 (HK)무인행성 서바이브 (KR)Planet Survival (PT)من أجل البقاء (SA)星際少年隊 (TW)

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