Terms Of Service

These terms of use applied by wSerie, set out the rules to be followed when using this website. 
Last updated on: 21 June 2023


Florian "Fy.to" Gasquez (hereinafter the “Company”), a French auto entreprise, publishes a website (hereinafter the “Official Website” or the “Website”). All the above is provided to users as a free service, to allow them to discover new series and films, obtain recommendations, manage their viewing schedule and share information about the latest episodes they have watched, provided that they sign up for an account, as part of the wSerie community.


The Website may be accessed by any person consulting it (hereinafter the “User”). Users may not, however, do anything on the Website other than view the authorised pages and screens. They will be asked to sign up for an account (in which case they will become a “Member”) if they wish to continue on to unauthorised pages and screens.

They must accept all provisions of these terms of use, as an indivisible whole, and may not elect to only apply some of the provisions or accept them subject to conditions.

By continuing to browse the Website, Users are deemed to fully and unconditionally accept all provisions of these Terms of Use (ToU). Any Users who do not wish to accept these ToU will be asked to leave the Website.

Users are expressly asked to accept all provisions of these ToU when signing up for an account on the Website. Their acceptance is confirmed by checking the box marked “I have read and accept the terms of use of wSerie” and this forms an essential part of the account creation process. No user account can be created without this acceptance.

Once accepted, the ToU are deemed to have been signed electronically and the parties expressly agree that this will have the same legal effect as a handwritten signature between the Website and the User and between the Company and the Member/User.


Any person using the Website needs to accept both the Terms of Use (ToU) and also the privacy and cookies policies.


The specific terms and expressions used in these Terms of Use will have the meanings assigned to them below (whether used in the singular or plural):
“Chat” means a messaging system used by Members to communicate with each other via messages.
“Account” means the personal area created by Members on the Website, containing their personal details (identity, statistics, schedule etc.) and accessed by entering a username and password determined by Users when signing up for their Account.
“Terms of Use” means these terms of use for the Website, all the provisions of which are accepted by Users when browsing the Website or signing up for an Account.
“Member” means a User who has signed up for an Account identified on the Website.
“Password” means the password chosen by Users when signing up for their Account to access the Website. It must be at least 8 characters long and contain one special character, one uppercase letter and one digit.
“Username” means a sequence between 3 and 24 characters long, that may only contain letters, digits and the underscore symbol. It corresponds to the name chosen by Members to identify their Account and represent them on the Website. Members may use their first and/or last name or use a made-up name.
“Company” means Fy.to.
“User” means any person browsing the Website without signing up for an account on the Website.



Nobody under 15 years of age may sign up for an Account on the Website.
The Company reserves the right to request any proof of age for that purpose.


No fee is charged to create an Account.

Users must enter a Username of their choice and a unique, secret Password to create an Account.

That information is strictly personal. Users must guarantee its confidentiality and ensure that it is not used by anyone else. Accordingly, whenever a User’s Username and Password are used, they will be presumed to have been used by the User.

Users must also complete the “required” fields (email address, date of birth, gender, occupation or socio-professional category, platforms subscribed for and series watched).

Once this information has been provided, Users may complete the account creation process. Users signing up for an Account will receive an email asking them to click on a validation link, to check that the email address is valid, redirecting the User to the Website.

The validation of the email address completes the process and once validated, Users will become a Member and will have access to all the features of the Website when logged in to their Account.

Once the form has been validated, the Company will ask the new Member for additional information (profile photograph, bio, social media account, website, banner, favourite series/films, avatar, last name, first name and address). This information is optional only and the Account will work properly without that information.


Members may submit a request to delete their Account at any time, directly on the Website or by emailing it to the Company's designated contact. The Member will receive a confirmation email.

The Company also reserves the right to permanently delete the Account of any Members who have breached these Terms of Use.

To protect security and ensure transparency, any Members who have not logged in using their Account or have not done anything in their Account for three (3) years will receive an email asking them to log in as soon as possible. Otherwise, their data will be deleted from its databases.

If the Company or a Member deletes an Account, all the data created by the Member will be removed from the Website and will cease to be visible. The deletion of an Account is final and irreversible.


Notwithstanding the Company’s efforts to provide the best level of service and security for its Members, the Company cannot warrant that its Website will be free from all errors, bugs or viruses or that it will be accessible at all times.
The Company disclaims all liability for any unavailability of the Website or any fault, breakdown, problem or interruption affecting its operation, preventing access to the Website or one of its features.

Users and Members remain solely liable for the hardware they use to connect to the Website. They must take all appropriate measures to protect their hardware and their own data, in particular from viruses spread online. They are also solely liable for the websites and data they consult. Accordingly, Members acknowledge that the Company may not be held liable for any harm, loss or damage caused by any hacking, falsification or any other unauthorised access to or use of the Website or their Account.

The Company may not be held liable, in any circumstances whatsoever, for any direct or indirect damage caused by any use (or misuse) of the Website (including, but not limited to, damage caused by losses or an interruption of the Website) or any breach of these Terms of Use.

The Company reserves the right to suspend, modify or supplement its Website, without notice.


Members are liable for the information they post on the Platforms. They undertake to provide the information requested by the Platform in a comprehensive, accurate and honest manner.
Members undertake to keep their Usernames and Passwords secret and confidential.

Members acknowledge that they are solely liable for their own use of the wSerie Platform.

Members also undertake not to allow any person to access the Platform using their Account.

Members acknowledge that the Company may not be held liable, in any manner whatsoever, for any problems encountered when trying to access and use a Platform due to electronic communication networks, including Internet provider services.

Members may not use the Platforms for business or commercial purposes or to make a profit.

Members must not make any remarks that are unlawful or immoral (including any kind of obscene, indecent, defamatory, pornographic, abusive, threatening or harassing remarks).

Members may not promote any product or service, company or URL whatsoever, other than the address of the wSerie Platforms.

Members may not make any statements that could reasonably be considered to be defamatory or damaging to the image of the Platform or third parties.

Members are solely and fully liable for the publications, messages and contributions (including images, videos and other content) they post on the Website. They undertake to unconditionally comply with all applicable legislation, in particular all legislation relating to intellectual and industrial property. Accordingly, they undertake not to reuse all or part of the content of pre-existing works without the authorisation of the holders of the rights in and to those works or reproduce or use any distinctive sign (trademark, company name or logo etc.) without the authorisation of their owner. They represent and acknowledge that they own the materials attached to their contributions or that they hold the necessary authorisations for copyright, personality rights and other intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

The Company may not be held liable, in any circumstances whatsoever, for any publications made by a Member that infringe those rights.

The Company will not request any sensitive data, meaning data revealing the alleged racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data or biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation. Members undertake not to provide such data spontaneously.

The Company may request information treated as confidential by other publishers providing services related to series/films (for example, the credentials used to log in to Netflix and other platforms) to allow Members to optimise their use of the services and Platforms on the Website (for example, to synchronise and update a Member’s calendar). Members are solely and fully liable for the provision of that optional information.

Any Members wishing to add hypertext links to all or part of the website must first obtain the prior written authorisation of the Company, by emailing a request to: [email protected].

The Company may refuse to give that authorisation at its own discretion, without any need to give reasons for its decision in any manner. In any event, any such authorisation granted by the Company will be temporary only and may be withdrawn at any time, without any obligation to give reasons for its decision.

In all cases, any links added must be taken down if requested by the Company.

The Company has no control over the information available via links to other websites and disclaims all liability for their content.

Members acknowledge that sanctions may be taken against them if they breach these Terms of Use, such as those set out in Clause 7.

If the Company decides to close an Account, the Member will only be able to sign up for or access a Platform with the written consent of the Company.

Members acknowledge that civil and/or criminal proceedings may be issued for any attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Website’s system or an Account, disrupting the procedures or performance of a Platform, or intentionally causing damage to a Platform and that their Account may be shut down with immediate effect.


One or more sanctions may be issued against any Members who fail to comply with these Terms of Use, including:
Temporary suspension of their Account for a period determined by the Company. In such a case, the Member will not be able to log in to the Account during the period of suspension.
Permanent deletion of their Account and all related data.
Blocking of their IP address.
Which sanction is to be applied in any given situation will be determined by the Company, at its own discretion. The Company may also report any problems governed by French law to the appropriate legal authorities.

In any event, the sanction will be promptly notified to the Member by email. Members will be given an opportunity to state their case, but this will not prevent the application of the sanction.


The materials owned by the Company, or its partners, may not be reproduced, displayed, adapted, modified, distorted or used, in any form whatsoever, without their prior written authorisation.

Any unlawful exploitation of all or part of the content of a Platform or the intellectual property rights will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities.

All rights of the Company are reserved by wSerie, unless expressly granted. These Terms of Use may not be construed as assigning any rights held by the Company.

If the Company does not issue proceedings as and when it becomes aware of an unauthorised use, this may not be treated as an acceptance of such use or a waiver of the right to issue such proceedings.

Members may also add or publish materials. Any Members who create a publication via a Platform (text, ratings, photographs, videos or, more generally, any content created by a Member) hereby authorise the Company, free of charge, to use, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, publish, modify, translate and reformat their contribution for the purposes of its Platforms or partners, and to sub-license those rights, to the fullest extent permitted under the applicable regulations.


The Company processes personal data. Its privacy policy can be consulted by clicking HERE. Its cookies policy can be consulted by clicking HERE.


The Company reserves the right to update or amend all or part of these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. In such a case, Users and Members will be informed the next time they access the Website via a pop-up window inviting them to consult the new terms of use. In any event, Users and Members should therefore consult the relevant section of the website regularly to check the current version.

Any Users continuing to browse the Website after new terms of use have been published will be deemed to have accepted the amendments made to the terms of use.

Members will also be asked to expressly accept the amendments the next time they log in, by checking the box marked “I accept the new amendments to the Terms of Use, available by clicking HERE”. Any Members who do not check the box will have their Account blocked.

Any Members continuing to use a Platform will be deemed to have accepted the amendments made to the Terms of Use.



If any provision of the Terms of Use is invalid, this will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions of the Terms of Use.


If the Company does not act on a breach of a provision of this contract, this may not be construed, in any circumstances whatsoever, as a waiver of the right to enforce that provision or any other provision of the Terms of Use.

If the provisions of these Terms of Use conflict with any prior document issued by a party or shared between the parties in connection with the subject matter of these Terms of Use, the provisions of these Terms of Use will prevail.

The headings and titles of the Terms of Use are provided for ease of reference only and may not be used to help interpret the Terms of Use, in any manner.

The ToU and the privacy and cookies policies are drafted in and use english, the only languages binding on the parties. Any Users or Members wishing to obtain a translation of those documents into another language should submit a request to the Company.