Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

Amidst a world ravaged by war and dominated by elemental magic, a young boy reemerges to embark on a perilous mystical journey. His mission is to realize his destiny as the Avatar, and restore tranquility across the globe. This epic adventure is the heart of Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005), a display of courage, resilience and the unyielding quest for peace.


Avatar: The Last Airbender: Season 1 - 20 Episode s

Other names for Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: De Legende van Aang (NL)Avatar: De Legende van Aang (BE)Avatar - A Lenda de Aang (BR)Avatar - The Last Airbender (CA)Avatar: la leyenda de Aang (CL)Avatar: El Último Maestro Aire (CL)降世神通: 最後的氣宗 (CN)Avatar: The Legend of Aang (GB)ავატარი: ჰაერის უკანასკნელი მბრძანებელი (GE)Άβαταρ: Ο Τελευταίος Μαχητής του Ανέμου (GR)Άβαταρ: Ο Τελευταίος Ανεμοδαμαστής (GR)Avatár - Aang legendája (HU)آواتار: آخرین باد افزار (IR)آواتار: افسانه آنگ (IR)アバター 伝説の少年アン (JP)아바타: 아앙의 전설 (KR)Awatar: Legenda Aanga (PL)Avatar: Legenda lui Aang (RO)Avatar (US)降世神通:最后的气宗 (CN)אווטאר: האגדה של אנג (IL)Avatar: O Último Airbender (2005) (PT)

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