Beauty and the Beast (2012)

How brave is your love?

In the gripping TV series, Beauty and the Beast (2012), we follow the story of Catherine Chandler, a sharp and relentless homicide detective. As a young girl, she survived a tragic event where her mother was ruthlessly murdered by two gunmen, and she was mysteriously rescued by an unknown entity. Fast forward to present day, while solving a murder case, Catherine stumbles upon a lead that brings her to Vincent Keller, believed to have died in 2002. She discovers that Vincent, the very person who saved her all those years ago, is very much alive. Living a secluded life for over a decade, Vincent carries a deep secret - his uncontrollable transformation into a fearsome beast with superhuman strength and senses, triggered by his intense rage. Vincent's life outside conventional society is a testament to the lengths he will go to protect his secret.


Beauty and the Beast: Season 1 - 22 Episodes

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