Blue Spring Ride (2014)

During her freshman year in high school, Futaba Yoshioka unexpectedly crosses paths with her first love, Kou Tanaka. After a three-year separation, during which he switched schools and left before Futaba could confess her feelings, they meet again. Futaba notices Kou's transformation - his demeanor is colder and his last name has been changed to Mabuchi. As they slowly reignite their romantic feelings, they also start piecing together the events that transpired during their time apart.


Blue Spring Ride: Season 1 - 12 Episode s

Blue Spring Ride: 2 Season s

Other names for Blue Spring Ride

闪烁的青春 (CN)青春之旅 (CN)Ao Haru Ride (JP)Aoharaido (JP)Неудержимая юность (RU)Пътят на младостта (BG)Blue Spring Ride (CH)

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