Doom Patrol (2019)

All good things are doomed.

Doom Patrol (2019) showcases a unique team of superhumans, each encountering life-altering accidents that bestowed them with extraordinary powers yet also left them physically scarred and emotionally burdened. Guided by The Chief, these distressed individuals unite to delve into the most bizarre occurrences in the universe, employing their unique abilities to shield Earth from potential perils. This gripping TV show intertwines elements of trauma, purpose, and the supernatural, providing an enthralling viewing experience.

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Doom Patrol: Season 1 - 15 Episodes

Other names for Doom Patrol

泰坦衍生剧 (CN)דום פטרול (IL)דום פאטרול (IL)Роковий патруль (UA)Дум Патруль (UA)Горе-чати (UA)La Patrulla Condenada (ES)საბედისწერო პატრული (GE)

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