Fear the Walking Dead (2015)

Every decision is life or death.

Explore the gripping transformation of the world into a terrifying apocalypse as seen in "The Walking Dead" through its thrilling spin-off, "Fear the Walking Dead" (2015). Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, this series introduces fresh characters navigating the dawn of an apocalyptic world. Discover the answers to the haunting beginnings of this end-of-world saga, as these characters confront fear and survival.


Other names for Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 (US)行尸之懼 (CN)行尸危途 (CN)顫慄陰屍路 (CN)FTWD (GB)Бойтесь ходячих мертвецов (RU)Yürüyen Ölülerden Korkun (TR)Bijokite gyvų numirėlių (LT)Bijokite vaikštančių numirėlių (LT)

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