Fire Force (2019)

In the 198th year of the Solar Era in Tokyo, dedicated fire squads battle against the peculiar phenomenon known as spontaneous human combustion, where individuals transform into living fire entities known as "Infernals". These Infernals, representing the first generation of spontaneous human combustion victims, later generations have harnessed the ability to control flames while maintaining their human appearance. Among these is Shinra Kusakabe, a young man infamous as the 'Devil's Footprints' for his unique ability to set his feet ablaze. Shinra joins the elite Fire Force Company 8, comprised of fellow flame manipulators, as they strive to extinguish the Infernals they come across. As a group instigating the creation of Infernals emerges, Shinra is plunged into unraveling the mystery behind a deadly fire that claimed his family twelve years prior.


Fire Force: Season 1 - 24 Episode s

Fire Force: 4 Season s

Other names for Fire Force

En'en no Shouboutai (JP)Enen no Shouboutai (JP)Enn Enn no Shōbōtai (JP)Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou (JP)Enen no shôbôtai (JP)En'en no Shouboutai Ni no Shou (JP)Enn Enn no Shouboutai (JP)Enen no Shōbōtai (JP)Enen No Shouboutai - Ni no Shou (JP)炎炎ノ消防隊 弐ノ章 (JP)Пламенная бригада пожарных (RU)Огненная бригада пожарных! (RU)Пламенный отряд (RU)炎炎消防隊 貳之章 (TW)Fire Brigade of Flames (US)Fireforce (US)Blazing Fire Brigade (US)Biệt Đội Lính Cứu Hỏa (VN)Bộc Hỏa Nhân Tượng (VN)

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