Ling Cage: Incarnation (2019)

In the near future, human inhabitants would have been crowded and congested. It was an urgency to stride out to the universe and find a new home. When everything was under progress in an orderly way, dramatic geological transformations erupted over the courses of decades. Human beings were raped by this disaster and hardly left anything. Until the nature gradually restored calm, people struggled to their feet from ruins and abysses, stepping again onto this familiar but strange earth. But for us people, dominating everything has been rooted into our blood. Are we still masters of this new world?


Ling Cage: Incarnation: 3 Season s

Other names for Ling Cage: Incarnation

Spirit Cage (US)Ling Cage: Incarnation (US)Ling Cage (US)Spirit Cage: Incarnation (US)Incarnation (CN)灵笼:INCARNATION (CN)Linh Lung (VN)

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