Marvel's Agent Carter (2015)

Set in the aftermath of 1946's peace, Marvel's Agent Carter deals with the struggles of Peggy Carter, who feels sidelined as soldiers return from overseas. Employed by the undercover Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), Peggy's role is a mix of secret operations for Howard Stark and mundane administrative tasks, all while attempting to cope with her solitary life in America, following the loss of her beloved Steve Rogers. This gripping TV show from 2015 perfectly captures the post-war era and the challenges faced by a single woman in a male-dominated society.


Marvel's Agent Carter: Season 1 - 8 Episode s

Marvel's Agent Carter: 2 Season s

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Agent Carter (US)卡特探员 (CN)Agente Carter Da Marvel (BR)Marvel - Agente Carter (ES)Marvel : Agent Carter (FR)Ajan Carter (TR)Marvel'in Ajanı Carter (TR)Agent Carter (CZ)Marvel: Agent Carter (CZ)

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