One-Punch Man (2015)

Saitama, an unconventional hero, embarked on his journey purely for amusement. However, after three years of rigorous training, he has become so powerful that he is virtually unbeatable. His strength is so immense that even his fiercest adversaries are defeated with a single punch. Such overwhelming power, ironically, leads to boredom. Losing his enthusiasm for heroism alongside his hair, yet continually challenged by fresh foes each day, the question remains - How long can he sustain this?


One-Punch Man: Season 1 - 12 Episode s

One-Punch Man: 4 Season s

Other names for One-Punch Man

One Punch Man (US)Onepunchman (US)One-Punch Man (US)一拳超人 (CN)וואן פאנץ' מן (IL)ואן-פאנץ' מאן (IL)One Punch Man (JP)Wanpanman (JP)Um Soco (BR)वन पंच मैन (IN)One Punch Man (PT)Человек одного удара (RU)ون بنش مان (SA)One Punch Man Wanpanman (TR)Thánh Phồng Tôm (VN)Anh Hùng OnePunch (VN)مرد یک مشتی (IR)

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