Reacher (2022)

Reacher's back.

Jack Reacher, an experienced military police detective, transitions into civilian existence. Reacher, a nomadic personality, traverses the nation with no phone and minimal essentials, exploring the country he once pledged his service to. This 2022 TV series follows his intriguing journey as a drifter in the post-military chapter of his life.

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Reacher: 4 Season s

Other names for Reacher

Jack Reacher (US)ジャック・リーチャー -正義のアウトロー- (JP)ジャック・リーチャー 正義のアウトロー (JP)잭 리처 (KR)Джек Ричер (RU)แจ็ค รีชเชอร์ ยอดคนสืบระห่ำ (TH)ریچر (IR)

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