Shangri-La Frontier (2023)

Rakuro Hizutome only cares about one thing: beating crappy VR games. He devotes his entire life to these buggy games and could clear them all in his sleep. One day, he decides to challenge himself and play a popular god-tier game called Shangri-La Frontier. But he quickly learns just how difficult it is. Will his expert skills be enough to uncover its hidden secrets?


Shangri-La Frontier: Season 1 - 25 Episodes

Shangri-La Frontier: 2 Seasons

Other names for Shangri-La Frontier

香格里拉·开拓异境 (CN)香格里拉~粪作猎人向神作游戏发起挑战~ (CN)香格里拉边境~粪作猎人向神作游戏发起挑战~ (CN)香格里拉・开拓异境~粪作猎手挑战神作~ (CN)香格里拉·弗陇提亚~屎作猎人向神作发起挑战~ (CN)香格里拉·开拓异境~粪作猎手挑战神作~ (CN)香格里拉边境 (CN)香格里拉边境~粪作猎人向神作游戏发起挑战~ (CN)香格里拉·弗陇提亚~屎作猎人向神作发起挑战~ (CN)香格里拉·开拓异境 ~粪作猎手挑战神作~ (CN)Shangri-La Frontier - Kusogē Hunter, Kamige ni Idoman to Su (JP)Shangri-La Frontier - Kusogee Hunter, Kamige ni Idoman to Su (JP)Shangri-La Frontier: Kusoge Hunter, Kamige ni Idoman to su (JP)シャングリラ・フロンティア ~クソゲーハンター、神ゲーに挑まんとす~ (JP)香格里拉・開拓異境~糞作獵手挑戰神作~ (TW)Thợ Săn Game Rác Thách Thức Game Cấp Thánh (VN)

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