SK8 the Infinity (2021)

"SK8 the Infinity (2021)" revolves around a thrilling, clandestine downhill skateboarding competition named "S," set in an isolated abandoned mine. Reki, a passionate skateboarder, introduces Langa, a novice to skateboarding, to this adrenaline-filled world of "S". Langa, despite his lack of experience, becomes engrossed in the exhilarating world of downhill skateboarding. Experience the thrill, the speed, and the drama of "SK8 the Infinity".


SK8 the Infinity: Season 1 - 12 Episode s

SK8 the Infinity: 2 Season s

Other names for SK8 the Infinity

SK Eight (US)SK∞ (JP)SK8 the Infinity (GB)SK∞ the Infinity (GB)에스케이 에이트 (KR)

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