Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

At the edge of the universe, discovery begins.

Embark on a journey with Starfleet as they venture into undiscovered territories, encountering new worlds and unknown life forms in Star Trek: Discovery (2017). Watch as a dedicated Starfleet officer grapples with the realization that understanding oneself is the key to comprehending the alien universe. Dive into a universe of exploration, self-discovery, and interstellar wonders in this captivating sci-fi series.


Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1 - 15 Episode s

Other names for Star Trek: Discovery

Jornada nas Estrelas: Discovery (BR)StarTreck Discovery (BR)星际迷航:发现号 (CN)Star Trek - Discovery (DE)スタートレック ディスカバリー (JP)スタートレック: ディスカバリー (JP)スタートレック DSC (JP)ST:ディスカバリー (JP)스타트렉: 디스커버리 (KR)Uzay Yolu: Discovery (TR)Uzay Yolu: Keşif (TR)Star Trek DIS (US)DSC (US)Star Trek:Discovery (US)

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