The Rookie (2018)

He’s got this.

Embarking on a fresh start can be daunting, particularly for John Nolan, a man from a small town, who, following a significant life event, is chasing his aspiration of becoming an LAPD officer. As the oldest rookie in the force, he faces doubt from certain superiors who view him as nothing more than a midlife crisis on legs.

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The Rookie: Season 1 - 20 Episodes

Other names for The Rookie

中年菜鸟 (CN)טירון (IL)ザ・ルーキー 40歳の新米ポリス!? (JP)ザ・ルーキー よんじゅっさいのしんまいポリス (JP)Новачок (UA)Ο Νεοσύλλεκτος (GR)Новичок (RU)Салага (RU)تازه‌کار (IR)

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