True Detective (2014)

The truth lies in the dark.

True Detective (2014) is a riveting American anthology series that centers around intense police investigations. The narrative unfolds across multiple timelines, revealing intriguing personal and professional secrets of characters, both within and outside the law enforcement realm. This detective series masterfully intertwines crime-solving with deep character exploration, offering a unique viewing experience.


True Detective: Season 1 - 8 Episode s

Other names for True Detective

True Detective (US)True Detective: Night Country (US)真爱如探 (CN)真相如探 (CN)撕破黑暗 (CN)トゥルー・ディテクティブ (JP)TRUE DETECTIVE/トゥルー・ディテクティブ (JP)True Detective: Noche polar (ES)트루 디텍티브 (KR)True Detective: Tierra nocturna (MX)ნამდვილი დეტექტივი (GE)

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