Warrior Nun (2020)

Deliver us from evil.

Emerging from a morgue, a previously orphaned teenager finds herself imbued with extraordinary abilities, becoming the designated Halo-Bearer for a clandestine group of nuns dedicated to hunting demons. This 2020 TV show, Warrior Nun, delves into the unexpected world of supernatural and religious mysteries. The young protagonist's journey is a compelling blend of power discovery and secret societies, making it a must-watch for fans of fantasy and action series.

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Warrior Nun: Season 1 - 10 Episode s

Warrior Nun: 2 Season s

Other names for Warrior Nun

Монахиня-воїн (UA)Sœur d'armes (CA)修女戰士 (HK)Монашка-воин (RU)Боевая монашка (RU)修女戰士 (TW)Apáca harcosok (HU)

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