You (2018)

A bloody good time.

The captivating tale of a charismatic yet deeply disturbed young man, who takes drastic actions to ingrain himself into the lives of those he is passionately fixated on. This gripping narrative, launched in 2018, showcases the terrifying lengths one can go due to intense obsession. Experience the thrilling journey of 'You', a TV show that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


You: Season 1 - 10 Episodes

Other names for You

Ti (BA)Ти (BG)Você (BR)Ты (BY)Parfaite (CA)TY (CZ)You: Du wirst mich lieben (DE)You (ES)ΕΣΥ (GR)安眠書店 (HK)Te (HU)את (IL)شما (IR)Tu (IT)YOU ー君がすべてー (JP)君は (JP)너의 모든 것 (KR)Ty (PL)Ти (RS)Ты (RU)安眠书店 (SG)เธอ (TH)Sen (TR)安眠書店 (TW)Ти (UA)Kẻ Đeo Bám (VN)

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