Big Mouth (2017)

Family. It's all relative.

Explored through the comedic lens of close friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, Big Mouth (2017) is a heartening series that takes a humorous plunge into the dramatic ups and downs of puberty. This unique comedy-drama unravels the captivating yet terrifying journey of teenage friends as they navigate life's wonders and horrors. The show's relatable narrative and edgy humor have made it a must-watch for those seeking a fresh perspective on adolescent experiences.


Big Mouth: Season 1 - 10 Episode s

Other names for Big Mouth

大嘴巴 (CN)פה גדול (IL)ビッグマウス (JP)فم كبير (AE)青春無密語 (TW)Hormonokkal túlfűtve (HU)Gură bogată (RO)

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