Death Note (2006)

All Humans Die The Same.

Light Yagami, a top-tier student with immense potential, finds his life flipped upside down when he discovers the Death Note, a mystical notebook dropped by a rebellious Shinigami death god. This powerful tome grants the ability to kill anyone merely by inscribing their name within its pages. With a newfound resolve, Light pledges to use this supernatural tool to eradicate all evil from the world. However, as he embarks on this noble mission, one questions remains: Will he triumph, or will the Death Note corrupt him into the very evil he seeks to destroy?


Death Note: Season 1 - 37 Episode s

Death Note: 1 Season

Other names for Death Note

Бележник на Смъртта (BG)死筆 (CN)死亡笔记 (CN)死亡笔记-Death Note (CN)死亡笔记 2006 (CN)El Libro De La Muerte (ES)Death Note Rewrite 1 (ES)Carnet de la Mort (FR)死亡筆記 (HK)دفترچه یادداشت مرگ (IR)دفتر مرگ (IR)Desu Nōto (JP)デスノート (JP)Desu Nouto (JP)DEATH NOTE デスノート (JP)데스 노트 (KR)데스노트 (KR)Үхлийн Тэмдэглэл (MN)Death Note (MX)Notatnik śmierci (PL)Death Note - Carnetul morţii (RO)مذكرة الموت (SA)Dödens Anteckningsbok (SE)死神筆記簿 (SG)DN (US)Death Note Rewrite 1 (US)Cuốn Sổ Tử Thần (VN)Ölüm Dəftəri (AZ)

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